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February 4, 2013
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Skarth - Reference by strideroo Skarth - Reference by strideroo
Teehee & he has chest hairrsssss.


NAME: Skarth
BREED: Fawnling
AGE: Seven.
BIRTH YEAR: Summer of Year 749.
TYPE: Light-Medium
HEIGHT: 11 hh.
EYES: Brown.
USE: Western Isles
COLOR: Strawberry Dun Roan
GENOTYPE: ee/aa/nRn/nD/Ff

To be determined!


**At a Glance**
Dedicated // Curious // Hesitant // Loyal // Impatient // Stubborn

Skarth's mind is a scholarly one, always trying to figure out why and how things work. He considers himself a bit of a scientist (though his peers tend to joke and call him a "mad" one) who must further his kind through education and discovery. Skarth is very proud of his intellect, stemming from his shortage of physical prowess. He has a competitive spirit and, though he hates to admit it, can be a sore loser if outmatched (in smarts, at least; he knows he is no Hulk). He can also be quite stubborn, especially when it comes to subjects that he considers himself an expert of. Skarth's dedication to his studies causes others to label his as a bit eccentric or strange but, overall, he means well. He is a perfectionist and, if we are being honest, is a bit OCD, with a need for things to happen just right or he gets incredibly frustrated. While he loves to share his passion for knowledge with others, Skarth can grow quite impatient with others if they do not take him or his ideas seriously. The stag seeks to prove himself both personally and socially, since he has always been a bit of an underdog. He loves to learn about herbs and their medicinal properties but also seeks the answer to what is one of his favorite questions - why did the herds evolve to be so different? He longs to journey the world to see if he can be the first it but, until he furthers his fire skills a bit (in order to protect himself) he has decided to focus on learning as much as he can about his own herd. Secretly, he dreams of being a fire bringer - an expert in both herb lore and fire magic - but keeps that dream to himself. As far as does are concerned, he has little interest in them for the simple fact that most Silverthorne does prefer more "manly" stags than he. He does hold does in a much higher regard than other Silverthorne stags, due to his dedication to his mother.

BLOODLINES: Silverthorne.

Sire - NPC, To be determined, red dun stag.
Dam - NPC, Farrah, smoky black roan doe.
Brother - Ayden (Half-brother, paternally related.)

(Let it be known that Skarth has a nearly perfect memory. Odds are, if your Fawnling is in Silverthorne, he has, at the very least, seen your character. More likely than not, he will remember their name, if not multiple facts about them.)

- Aldra: Silverthorne doe; Acquaintance.
- Cliodhna: Silverthorne doe; Aunt-like figure/mentor.
- Rusalka & Cully: Windborne doe & her fairy wren companion; considered friends.
- Vanessea: Silverthorne doe; Acquaintance; (Will eventually be his mate! :heart:).


Skarth was never supposed to happen, the result of a young and inexperienced love. Skarth's mother was a beautiful smokey black doe, a cousin to one of the princesses. Although it was widely understood that she was always a little off, her immensely sweet personality made her liked by all. Skarth's father, a young and ambitious soldier at the time, lusted after Farrah during his first season of sexual maturity and, attracted by her kindness and beauty, eventually wooed her. They dated for the rest of the season, though her simple mindedness eventually became too much for him and, with the rut over, they parted ways.

When it became evident that Farrah was pregnant, Skarth's father worried. He was a young stag and, although fatherhood was the last thing on his mind, he secretly wondered if whether or not his child would be born "normal". But Skarth's father was a good-hearted stag, if nothing else, and took care of sweet Farrah through the pregnancy. When Skarth was born, both parents were relieved to find him alive and well, if not a bit small. Although Skarth's father tried to help Farrah care for the fawn, he was never dedicated to his son and, noting his own shortcomings as a father, immersed himself in his duties as a soldier. Farrah, however, was a doting and loving mother - Skarth's father was forgotten in her simple mind, leaving room only for her beloved son.

As Skarth's father's faded into near-complete absence, Farrah took care of her son as best she could. Skarth's memories of his mother were always simple ones: Farrah pointing out what plants were good to eat; which flowers helped to heal scratches; what birds sang which song. As he grew older, Farrah's forgetfulness began to increase rapidly and, by the time Skarth was a year and a half, his mother was nearly completely dependent on him. Instead of playing with the other fawns, Skarth would take his mother on long walks through the forest, teaching her the things that she had taught him only months before. It was always the birds that interested her the most and they would spend hours together simply listening to the bird song because it made her smile. His mother's smile and her light-hearted laugh are what he remembers most fondly of her.

When Skarth turned two, his sire came to him and his mother, reporting that his new mate had given birth to a son, Skarth's half-brother, Ayden. The two were nearly identical, although from the get-go it was evident that Ayden would grow to be more "manly" than Skarth in nearly every way. Although Skarth immediately knew that Ayden would forever be their father's favorite, he never resented his little brother and, although they were never close, cared for him.

By the time Skarth was three, his mother's condition had worsened considerably. Desperate to find a cure - or at least a way to slow down her rapid deterioration - he threw himself into learning more about plants and herb lore. He badgered the elders of the herd who, understanding his desperation, taught him what they could. He poured himself into his studies but, despite his efforts, his mother grew worse. For two more years he searched for a cure until his mother, who's mind had withered away to knowing nothing more than what was before her, finally passed.

Skarth, distraught with the loss of his dam, withdrew into himself for awhile. He kept himself at a distance from the rest of the herd and, although his father offered his condolences, fell into depression. Focusing on continuing his self-education in herb lore, it wasn't until another year had passed that he finally was able to find himself again.

Reconnecting with the herd, Skarth began to invest himself into really discovering things. Having matured into a stag not quite fit for being a soldier, he grew used to being ignored by the younger does. Repaying the elders who taught him all they could, Skarth found a passion for teaching the young fawns about simple and good-to-know herb facts. Now, he tries to balance his dedication to his herbs and his curiosity of fire magic, Skarth is trying to prepare himself to journey the world simply to learn.

Can be found anywhere in Silverthorne territory.

:bulletblack: Speed: 4
:bulletblack: Stamina: 6
:bulletblack: Strength: 5
:bulletblack: Experience: 2
- Starter: +2 Speed, +1 Stamina.
- Strength Limit: 7 points.
-… + 2 Strength
-… + 2 Stamina
- + 1 Stamina

(Cannot surpass 20 points until age 11.)

:bulletblack: Level: MEDIUM.
:bulletblack: Points: 19.
- Starter: +11.
- Herb Collection:… + 2
- Herb Tutoring Collaboration:… + 6

:bulletred: Type: Fire.
:bulletred: Level: BASIC.
:bulletred: Points: 10.
- Fire Magic Practice:… +2.
- Fire Magic Practice/Collab:… + 2.
- Fire Magic/Collab:… + 4.
-… + 1.
- Fire Magic Lesson: + 2

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