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Prizes announced!  Congratulations everyone and thanks for participating!

Please note that Salamanders associated with this event have NOT yet been updated.
Thank you for your continued patience! :heart:

If you follow me or Anomalous-Chronicles, you might have recently read this RP!

Legends RevealedFeaturing Lohané & Ataahua
Summer, Year 1995 | Tangaroa, Shearwater Cove
Lohané stared at the rock, alternating between a curious squint and a wide-eyed look of disbelief.  Finally, the warchief shook his head.
“You said your son found this?”
The bay mare nodded her head in confirmation.  “Yes, him and his friends.  Well, sort of.  They were…,” the mare trailed off, her seafoam green fins stiffening and then loosening in embarrassment before she continued, “They had stolen it from one of the other foals.  I’ve already punished him for his actions and told the other mothers so that they could handle their own children!”
With a wry grin, the Warchief bowed his head.  “Thank you, mam.  I will bring this to our Holy One…  If anyone knows

But what does it mean!?
Well, my friends, now the time has come to reveal the vast sekrits that surround this hidden legend!


Wakainga...  The legendary underwater city ruined long ago left to ruin and forgotten with the passage of time.
Once, this underwater paradise was the home of the first Hihiri to be blessed with fins and gills.  Now, it's little more than a half buried ruin in the seas.

However, the recent discovery of a shard from one of the walls of the ancient city has brought its existence back to the surface!  It's up to you, Anomalous, to help us discover Wakainga's hidden location!

How do you do that, you ask?
Well, my friend, I'm happy you asked!

Finding the Hidden City

While we already have a clue to its general direction (coughcoughsomewhereoutintheseastotheleftoftangaroacough) the Hihiri have not yet discovered its true resting place.
Here is where you come in!

Did I mention that, when the city is found, brand new rewards/tokens will be available to the group?
Yes, the 'rarest' of these tokens are Hihiri themed.
But I may or may not have something else up my sleeve... :stare:

There will be several ways to enter this event so that herds outside of Hihiri can join in the Mini-Event bonus!
However, one event will be dedicated exclusively to Hihiri!

Phase I - The (Easter) Raffle

Say whaaat!?  No, I didn't forget about Easter in Anomalous!
You do not need to yet be a member to join - if you are interest in Anomalous, you can enter!
All you need to do to enter is respond to the Featured Comment with a link to your Journal or Poll advertising this event!  
You also need to tag at least one other Deviant who is NOT a member of Anomalous!
PST, if this non-member tags you back, you get a bonus ticket!

 Link to your Advertising Journal/Poll: ---
Tag at Least One Non-Anomalous Member: ---

After you have responded to the comment with this filled out form, you will be given a special plastic Easter Egg!
When the event comes to a close, you will 'open' up this egg and find the prize inside!
Again, BRAND NEW REWARDS for Anomalous will be given out during this event.
Don't miss out on your chance!

Did I mention that you will not only be entered for the Easter Egg prize but also for a token raffle?

Again, you only have to enter ONCE to get into both A & B of this event.

Current Entrants - Part A:

What's this, there were two new mutations hiding in the raffle!

Hippocampus ( Extra Rare): This mutation removes the back legs from the character, replacing it with a lovely aquatic tail to make you character a true hippocampus!  Remember, characters with this mutation will struggle to move on land but will be quite graceful in water!  Note that fish scales, gills, & fins are included in this mutation but should not be listed separately and cannot be inherited individually by foals.

Hippocampus (Legendary): This mutation works the same as the Hippocampus (Extra Rare) reward but with a twist!  This mutation removes the back legs from the character, replacing it with a lovely aquatic tail to make you character a true hippocampus!  However, this unique mutation also gives your character the ability to morph into both a land and a sea form!  Land forms will NOT have an aquatic tail, gills, or fish scales unless they have preexisting mutations but will always feature fins to some degree (can be quite minimal or more extensive).  Note that fish scales, gills, & fins are included in the aquatic form of this mutation and fins are included in the land form but should not be listed separately and cannot be inherited individually by foals.  This mutation can be added to existing characters!  Morphing between forms is not a swift process and takes about half an hour so be careful who you choose to morph in front of and where, as it leaves you vulnerable to attack!

1. jouroo - Fins Mutation
2. Mockradrake - Dusk Design
3. PrimalInstincts - Phase III Bonus - Lumos Dragon
4. MidnightDireWolf - Phase III Bonus - Carrier Gene
5. ChrissyMax - Phase III Bonus - Hippocampus (Legendary)
6. queeniebean - Phase III Bonus - Esprit Dragon
7. BADVIBESGENERATOR - Phase III Bonus - Agility Dragon
8. AngelBleuEyes - Phase III Bonus - Whale Design
9. Arkneos404 - Phase III Bonus - Legendary Design
10. LadyBadgeress - Phase III Bonus - Fish Scales Mutation
11. AgentDarkhorse - Phase II Bonus - Desprit Magic
12. queeniebean - Phase II Bonus - Extra Rare Design
13. DodgerMD - Phase II Bonus - Locked Character (Extra Rare)
14. Arkneos404 - Phase II Bonus - Tiger Dun Design
15. Hiokami-chan - Phase II Bonus - Extra Rare Magic
16. AngelBleuEyes - Phase II Bonus - Divine Blessing
17. humanservantyume - Wings Mutation
18. GlowtheFae - Moonblessed Scybilline
19. Inkin-Oddity - Strength Dragon
20. Ringalou - Hippocampus ( Extra Rare)
21. BADVIBESGENERATOR - Crossbred (Fertile)
22. syaoranlover5 - Earth Dragon
23. queeniebean - Calico Design
24. MidnightDireWolf - Saraph Merchant Rank
25. AshTheDreamer - Hihiri Magic
26. Ciaran-Greymoon - 20 Point Skill Boost
27. DarkVampireRider - Laurel Dragon
28. MariahWolf19 - Cheating Death
29. AgentDarkhorse - Secondary Magic
30. NightyART - Gills Mutation
31. AngelBleuEyes - Basic Design
32. LadyBadgeress - Noctis Design
33. Camyza - Multiples (Rare)
34. Arkneos404 - Crossbreeding Token
35. Hiokami-chan - Poison Dragon
36. PrimalInstincts - Hippocampus ( Extra Rare)
37. PoisonSoldat - Rare Design
38. IronOdArtist - Divine Curse
39. DatNachtmaehre - Rare Magic
40. Jian89 - Modified Limbs
41. DodgerMD - Chromatophores Mutation
42. strideroo - Portrayed Gene
43. kelpiesummer - Crossbred Fertility
44. kelpiesummer - Tag-back Bonus - Mutate Token
45. SunsetRevelation - Magic-Based Mutation
46. Rhith - Fire Dragon
47. FatesSpirit - Water Dragon
48. templarknight94 - Psychic Dragon
49. jouroo - Tag-back Bonus - Devoro Magic
50. Agent-Q-Amalgamation - Locked Character (Rare)
51. TalonV - Multiples (Extra Rare)
52. Barking-Birds - Basic Mutations (x2)
53. applecinna - Remarkable Height
54. Cactus-sis - Rare Mutation
55. Agent-Q-Amalgamation - Tag-back Bonus - Electric Dragon
56. sanchea2010 - Crossbred (Infertile)
57. sanchea2010 - Tag-back Bonus - Austerian Lord/Lady
58. LittleYellowDeer - Stamina Dragon
59. LittleYellowDeer - Tag-back Bonus - Fertile Scyb Egg
60. Frostwalker - Solis Design
61. Aislein - Uncommon Design
62. BrokenFawnHill - Uncommon Magic
63. SunsetRevelation - Phase II Bonus - Secondary Ability
64. FatesSpirit - Phase II Bonus - Austerian Prince/Princess
65. jouroo - Phase II Bonus - Nova Design
66. humanservantyume - Phase II Bonus - Dye Design
67. LittleYellowDeer - Phase II Bonus - Fins Mutation
68. Inkin-Oddity - Phase II Bonus - Rare Magic
69. DatNachtmaehre - Phase II Bonus - Whale Design
70. Frostwalker - Phase II Bonus - Remarkable Height
80. LadyBadgeress - Phase II Bonus - Gills Mutation
81. strideroo - Phase II Bonus - Extra Rare Design
82. SunsetRevelation - Phase III Bonus - Modified Limbs
83. humanservantyume - Phase III Bonus - Wind Dragon
84. jouroo - Phase III Bonus - Mutate Token
85. Inkin-Oddity - Phase III Bonus - 20 Point Skill Boost
86. Hiokami-chan - Phase III Bonus - Basic Mutations (x2)
86. ScunnyElse - Dusk Design

Current Entrants - Part B:

Woohoo, the ocean themed prizes have been announce!  Have at'm, folks. ;)

Iridescent Scallop Shell:  
An attractive shell, not to be confused with the purple variety often used to cover certain female extremities! Nowadays, these shells are far more often used as a night light since, when exposed to the sun, they can give off a mild glow at night! Be careful, though. The solar light from these shells can't be turned off so, if you are trying to avoid detection, it might be wise to keep them in a pouch at night. 

Onyx Conch Shell: 
Legend has always said that if you put your ear to a conch, you can hear the ocean! They never said anything about those other voices though... Those who hold this item to their ear can hear the voices of nearby individuals, even if they are speaking in a whisper or are on the other side of a wall!

Cardinal Pearl:
 A beautiful pearl that can be used as a glamorous acessory! Some say, though, its true value lies not on its stunning appearance but rather something within. Those who possess this pearl are said to be immune to extreme temperatures!

Ancient Shark Tooth: 
This large tooth clearly once belonged to one of the biggest sharks to ever swim the seas! Its serrated edge is quite a useful tool and can also be made into a weapon. Oddly enough, those who possess this item also seem to be able to pass by otherwise hostile wild creatures without so much as a sniff in their direction.

Unbreakable Fish Bones: 
Looks like we found Nemo... Those in possession of this item seem to always be able to find their way home, no matter how lost they may be!

Plain Ol' Seaweed (or not?): 
It may not look very appetizing but, if consumed it can add +5 points to a character's lowest skill cap! Limited to one per character, cannot bring lowest skill cap to more than 100 points.

1. jouroo - Iridescent Scallop Shell
2. Mockradrake - Unbreakable Fish Bones
3. humanservantyume - Cardinal Pearl
4. GlowtheFae - Unbreakable Fish Bones
5. Inkin-Oddity - Onyx Conch Shell
6. Ringalou - Unbreakable Fish Bones
8. syaoranlover5 - Plain Ol' Seaweed
9. queeniebean - Unbreakable Fish Bones
10. MidnightDireWolf - Onyx Conch Shell
11. AshTheDreamer - Onyx Conch Shell
12. Ciaran-Greymoon - Unbreakable Fish Bones
13. DarkVampireRider - Iridescent Scallop Shell
14. MariahWolf19 - Ancient Shark Tooth
15. AgentDarkhorse - Iridescent Scallop Shell
16. NightyART - Iridescent Scallop Shell
17. AngelBleuEyes - Iridescent Scallop Shell
18. LadyBadgeress - Iridescent Scallop Shell
19. Camyza - Ancient Shark Tooth
20. Arkneos404 - Plain Ol' Seaweed
21. Hiokami-chan - Unbreakable Fish Bones
22. PrimalInstincts - Iridescent Scallop Shell
23. PoisonSoldat - Iridescent Scallop Shell
24. IronOdArtist - Plain Ol' Seaweed
25. DatNachtmaehre - Onyx Conch Shell
26. Jian89 - Iridescent Scallop Shell
27. DodgerMD - Plain Ol' Seaweed
28. strideroo - Ancient Shark Tooth
29. kelpiesummer - Ancient Shark Tooth
30. SunsetRevelation - Ancient Shark Tooth
31. Rhith - Unbreakable Fish Bones
32. FatesSpirit - Iridescent Scallop Shell
33. templarknight94 - Iridescent Scallop Shell
34. Agent-Q-Amalgamation - Cardinal Pearl
35. TalonV - Ancient Shark Tooth
36. Barking-Birds - Onyx Conch Shell
37. applecinna - Ancient Shark Tooth
38. Cactus-sis - Plain Ol' Seaweed
39. sanchea2010 - Plain Ol' Seaweed
40. LittleYellowDeer - Unbreakable Fish Bones
41. Frostwalker - Unbreakable Fish Bones
42. Aislein - Plain Ol' Seaweed
43. BrokenFawnHill - Unbreakable Fish Bones
44. ScunnyElse - Ancient Shark Tooth

Phase II - The Hihiri

NOW.  On to the herd in question!

The Hihiri have just recently learned that -gasp- they have more of a history than they realized!
In order to enter this portion of the event, you must have a Hihiri character.
However, if you do not own a character, you can borrow another player's character!
Your entry to this event need only be a headshot of ANY Hihiri character!
However, it should depict - at minimum - the character with something ocean-themed!
Whether this be some seaweed stuck in the mane, a seashell in its mouth, or surrounded in bubbles, just go with it!
This is the perfect opportunity to give either your favorite Hihiri or your Hihiri character some love!
To be clear, the art from this event (if it isn't your own character and you did not draw it yourself) cannot be used to skill points since it is "fan art". 

Each entry will be given a random number roll.
If a certain number is rolled, your character (or the character you have depicted) will be given credit for rediscovering Wakainga in Anomalous history!  

Oh, and whoever drew the winning entry gets a tasty bucket of Salamanders to boot. ;)

If the exact number (okay it's not one number it's a set) is not rolled, the closest number will be chosen as the winner!
All entrants will get an extra Easter Egg.  However, you are limited to one entry in this event PER MEMBER!
In addition, all entrants will get a small Salamander bonus to take home!

Current Entrants:
1. AgentDarkhorse 
In Search of WakaingaFeaturing: Holokai 
Mentioning: Loki
Summer, Year 1995 | The Deep Waters, Near Hihiri
    The stories of old had drawn him here. That was at least what Holokai kept telling himself as he sunk farther and farther below the surface. The surf above was unrelenting as the wind caused it to crash upon the shore, but down below the current was softer and easier to handle. Usually he would not venture this far alone, but the prospect of what was hidden in the depths lured the stallion to the deepest parts of the ocean.
    A week ago, a foal had returned with a strange stone. The announcement of th

2. queeniebean 
Gift || What's This? by queeniebean

3. DodgerMD 
Take me down to Paradise City by DodgerMD

4. Arkneos404 
Steppin' on the beach by Arkneos404

5. Hiokami-chan 
Bubbles from the Past - Event Response by Hiokami-chan

6. AngelBleuEyes 
The Hihiri 4 by AngelBleuEyes

7. SunsetRevelation 
Down Where Its Wetter by SunsetRevelation

8. FatesSpirit 
Anomalous Chronicles | Rediscovering Wakainga by FatesSpirit

9. jouroo 
Attuned with the Seas by jouroo

10. humanservantyume 
Hunt for Wakainga | Easter Event by humanservantyume

11. LittleYellowDeer 
In The Great Ocean Depths
Featuring: Adelaide

Summer, Year 1995 of the New Generation
Lost in Hihiri territory

She had followed the grey, playful creatures through the cool blue waters. The dolphins chirped and clicked as they swam in circles, ducked underneath one another, zipped and zagged and even leaping out of the water and into the air.
Adelaide couldn’t help but giggle along side them as they enjoyed their playful swim. The black mare thought what it must be like to swim like this so freely, to never have to worry about others opinions or their standards. She even began to wish she were a dolphin herself, besides she already had the fins, the gills and even her long powerful yet graceful tail to carry her through the ocean for an eternity. So, why couldn’t she have been

12. Inkin-Oddity 
He Flies- Ioane by Inkin-Oddity

13. DatNachtmaehre 
Deep Blue - Finding Wakainga by DatNachtmaehre

14. Frostwalker  - Winner!
Gift Art: Bubble Up! by Frostwalker
Congratulations DatNachtmaehre, Frostwalker's entry for Cellophane means he is the lucky Hihiri who discovered Wakainga's secret resting place!
Though young he be, he will forever he written in the Hihiri history! :heart:

15. LadyBadgeress 
Commotion in the Ocean [Event Response] by LadyBadgeress

16. strideroo 
Gesundheit by strideroo

Phase III - Anomalous

So, you don't have a Hihiri and don't want to draw someone else's character...  What do you do?
No worries, we have an option for you!

Since this event is all about the history of the Hihiri herd, let's involve the rest of Anomalous by revisiting your character's first encounter with water!

Things to think about!  Did you character enjoy the water?  Were they frightened?  Did they dare to get wet or did they shy away!?  Was it an ocean or a small puddle!?

The possibilities are endless!  
While you are limited to one extra Easter Egg per MEMBER for this event, you may enter once each per character for a bonus in Salamanders.  

Current Entrants:
1. PrimalInstincts 
Porcupine PoolFeatures Altakhsas and Merisankh (NPC)
Summer, 1980
Small Oasis, Outside the Pools of Elysia
The heat was starting to truly rise in the desert of the blessed and it was most apparent to a small, red saraph chick who was only a few months old. With an excited squeak he peeked to his mother who offered him a nuzzle and coo back.
"It's a special day my sweet...we're going to explore outside Elysia." She hummed, pulling the chick close to her side as they moved through the lesser traveled ally ways and paths. The little chick tilted his head at his mother, not sure what that meant..he was excited regardless, ooing at all the sights and other saraph's they were passing. His mother had kept him close to home those first few months, rarely leaving and when she did always making sure there was

2. MidnightDireWolf 
I am Here Tonight by MidnightDireWolf

3. ChrissyMax 
Big Water [Event Response]Featuring Ahjara, J’zhar [NPC], Arakh [NPC], Khad [NPC], and J’zargo [NPC]
Summer, Year 1986 of the New Generation
Saraph Territories, The Southern Sea

“Mother isn’t around now- can you please tell me where we’re going, father? Please!?”
Ahjara pleaded, prancing lightly on the lukewarm sand as her father trotted alongside her. The morning sun peeked slightly over the dunes, only barely illuminating the sands ahead of them enough to see. The little fledgling was sleepy, but far too excited to openly complain. Earlier that morning, her father had awakened her from a dead sleep just to tell her that they would be going on a hike to a “very exciting” place - and that promise alone was enough to stave off any sort of drowsy thoughts.
..Besides- her brothers were here, too. If they saw her protest, they might just tease her. She’d be damned to give them any sort of ammunition to use agains

4. queeniebean 
Atiyah || I Don't Like It, Not At All by queeniebean


6. AngelBleuEyes 
What a Mess by AngelBleuEyes

7. Arkneos404 
Ioane's First Waves
Featuring Ioane
Autumn, Year 1987
A beach on the Beryl Bay
Word count: 561

Response to
Waves gently crashed against the beach’s golden sand, the steady thrum of the water as relaxing as the warmth of the sun. The sky was almost completely clear, only but a few white clouds drifting across its light blue hue. It was truly the perfect day to go to the beach, and thanks to its clarity you could just see, at the very edge of the horizon, dark spots that made up the hihiri isles. These islands, as pretty as they may have been, brought sadness to Akamu’s once sparkling green eyes. He had spent his entire life there, gone through his vigil, served the herd for many years as a warrior...And he was forced to leave the second he found his true love, who died but a few years later.
However, Akamu did have his reason to keep up hope; alongside his steady, crunching hoofsteps pitter-pattered the smaller sets of his son, Ioane. The young foal was bar

8. LadyBadgeress 
Autumn Rain [Event Response]Featuring: Azrael
Early Autumn, Year 1990 of the New Generation
Fire Bird's Gorge, Saraph Territory
The fiery coated tiercel was expected to claim mastery over the flames. this particular strain of magic ran in his mothers family, and his brilliant plumage was an omen of what was to come naturally as he aged.
As such, his parents contracted a tutor for the young Azrael at the time of his first spark. He learned about heat and light, practiced controlling  the delicate dance of a flame, but without exploring the natural enemy of his inborn powers.
Clouds rumbled close to the earth and the sky deepened to a twilight hue. Azrael stared into the face of his opponent. They were both lean and gangly, with newly molted feathers sticking out in all directions. The adole

9. LadyBadgeress 
An Ocean Away [Finding Wakainga Event Response]Featuring: Zarina
Year 1990 of the New Generation
The Gish, Nombeko Territory
Zarina had seen the great waters once. The sight had terrified her.
She was tired. Her hooves and legs and back ached. But no matter how exhausted she and the others were, their captors kept pushing them on. They beat at the Nombeko with their huge feathery wings and snapped with their deadly beaks. It was a constant struggle between fear and exhaustion; and fear almost always won.
It was the afternoon of the second day of her capture. The sun had chased away the storm clouds and dried her fur, and continued shining until her coat was soaked with sweat. She saw the Gish from closer than she had even been. The beautiful plains had been ripped asunder, leaving a deep crying wound across the earth.
What were their tormentors going to do? Zarina wondered as they approached. There was no sight of a bridge with which to traverse the chasm. Would they drive them over the edge? Watch them fall like stones u

10. SunsetRevelation 
Drip Drip DropNombeko, at least in Eugenies experience and in her past family circle, are not known for their love of water.
In the years she’d spent wandering the plains in search of what she has come to believe to be a mythical place she may finally call ‘Home’, the small anomali could easily remember her first encounter, and subsequent eternal dislike, with the heavy drops of wet stuff when it saw fit to pool and cause mischief for all involved. Particularly now, as four eyes balefully glare at the downpour overhead, the storm having trapped her in a small cave with a heavy stone overhang, the noise dragging her back to a simpler time within her clan’s tunnels.
The memory is almost eight years old now, but the patchy queen remembers it like it was yesterday…
The weather had been surprisingly wet that summer, more so than any of the members of the clan had ever seen. The elderly Queens whispered quietly when the rains refused to stop, and even prayers to Gaophos wen

11. humanservantyume 
The Talking Skull Says You're Doing It WrongFeaturing Ankhensenamun and Parisa
Mid-Autumn, 1995
The Southern Sea, Saraph Territory
    Hot, it was just so dang hot today. She though Autumn was meant to be the start of the cool down, but apparently there was a last heat wave that went throughout the desert by day. Ankhensenamun felt like she was being cooked alive, even though she was fanning herself with her wings.
    “Parisa you must be hotter than I am my friend, your fur is so much darker and will absorb the sunlight. One of our new sultan’s must also be baking!” She leaned a little closer to her friend and bodyguard. “As must those shadow fellows. They ar

12. jouroo 
Baby Bubbles by jouroo

13. Inkin-Oddity 
Dirty Bath Water by Inkin-Oddity

14. AngelBleuEyes 
Baby Reflections by AngelBleuEyes

15. AngelBleuEyes 
Under the Midnight Sky by AngelBleuEyes

16. Hiokami-chan 
Lost in the Fog - Event Response by Hiokami-chan

When will the event end?

All good things must eventually come to an end.
No more entries will be accepted for the art/RP portions of the event as of April 17th, 00:01 am Pacific time.
If you do not have a chance to enter the RP portions (II & III) before the deadline,
you can enter the raffle portion even after the results have been revealed through the end of April!
That means that no more rolls, regardless of excuses, will be accepted as of 00:01 am, May 1st Pacific time.

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Phase III Bonus - Carrier Gene
Saraph Merchant Rank

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Phase I!

 Link to your Advertising Journal/Poll: Anomalous Event!
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Phase I!
Link to your Advertising Journal/Poll:…

Tag at Least One Non-Anomalous Member: Dragontrap 

Phase II:
Down Where Its Wetter

Phase III:
Drip Drip Drop
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I am technically a member though I have never uploaded my boy's ref ;')
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Tagging back jouroo who tagged me first so they get the bonus ticket! ^_^
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Gotyou and jouroo all set!
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:heart: :hug: :heart:
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Phase I
This is a link that links you to things
Tagging.... Agent-Q-Amalgamation! Join the mutantsssss :heart:
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- With phase 3, does it have to be an image or will an rp do?
- In saraph territory was there ever an official or updated monster list?
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An RP, either lit or art, totally works!  ALSO.  I believe you are referring to the creatures list? Anomalopedia | Wildlife it's by no means a complete list but it's a good starting point XD
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Thanks roo! Just what I was looking for!
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